Cactus Juice

Stoke up the boat; pump out  the music; Cactus Juice will really blow your mind !

If you want a board that knows no limits; lives within no boundaries; heeds no challenge; then grab a Cactus Juice and go stomp out an unreal set !
Ingredients: Fibreglass and carbon graphite ‘web’ wrap; epoxy resin impregnated; blown closed cell foam core with carbon batten insert; stainless steel binding retention system; poly-acrylite top sheet and ‘dura clear’ running surface.
Four wide stance fins - and a whole lot more just for good measure !

Weight 3.4 kg; Tip & Tail Rocker 5.7cm;  Side Cut 4.32
Sizes:    133 x 42.5 cm  # RM-1533
    137 x 43.5cm.  # RM-1537

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