This amazing board is the epitome of perfoRMance PLUS !

If you’re a top wake board competitor you already know the outstanding perfoRMance features built into every ‘RM’ Mission Board.
A technical composition of 45/45 Kevlar power zone is married together with a super strong, light weight bi-axial carbon graphite construction. The translation is finite feel, torsional rigidity and instant response to the rider’s commands. The effect is truly awesome !
Sharp thin profile edges couple up with a subtle concave work surface to give pin point accuracy in turns and landing. Four wide stance fins give positive traction under both power and glide stance. The whole package adds up to TOTAL MISSION CONTROL.
131 x 42.0 cm    # RM-1431
135 x 42.5 cm    # RM-1435
140 x 42.5 cm.    # RM-1440

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