RM History

A Powerful Pedigree

Ron Marks Ski

The very first RonMarks RM water ski was made in January 1964 in a humble factory at Guildford, a suburb of Sydney, Australia.

Early RM Factory Early RM Factory Building Water Skis

Today, 56 years later, the parent company Dynamic Products Corp remains 100% Australian family owned and is still headed up by the original founder, Ron Marks.

"When I started this business I began with a dream, and a passion, to design and build the calibre of products that would become recognised and appreciated as a symbol of excellence throughout the world. I am indeed very proud that with the passage of time my goals have been achieved."
Mr Marks also went on to say:
"Nowadays we have a strong global presence with manufacturing facilities in Australia, China and Thailand and offices and/or warehouse facilities in New Zealand, South Africa and Great Britain. We have a terrific team of talented and loyal people within the company; all of whom have added their own 'stamp' to our continued success."

Although he now focuses his energies into his responsibilities as Director and CEO of Dynamic Products Corporation, Ron Marks had a very distinguished international skiing career spanning many years as an Australian and Masters Champion and World Slalom Record holder. With this impressive background it was natural that he would turn his hand to make tournament winning water skis and wake boards for other National and World Champions. Exclusive, hand crafted, high performance, professional models. It is from this dedication that he is now considered one of the world's best water ski and wake board designers. His commitment to precision and performance are trade mark characteristics of his experience and special talents.

Just the same, in his own proud and positive way Mr Marks went onto say:
"Whilst I truly do enjoy our intricate involvement with today's champion water skiers and wake board riders, the real test is to design and produce water skis and wake boards that help the beginner and advanced recreational weekend riders to realise their particular goals - and to make sure that they have fun doing it. At the end of the day, FUN is what is what our business is really all about."

Water skiers and wake board riders in 63 different countries around the world all enjoy the smooth responsive control that is built into every RonMarks RM product. There is no doubt that the latest International collection of RonMarks RM Action Water Sports products is the most comprehensive and exciting range they have ever produced.

The black and white pictures on this page show the nostalgia of real tradesmen hand crafting wooden water skis back in the seventies. Today the pictures look entirely different. Hi tech sophisticated machinery is necessary for compression moulding the carbon fibre and composite materials. However, the one ingredient that is still preciously retained throughout the entire RonMarks RM production procedures is talented tradesmen. Real people; skilled at their job and proud of the perfoRMance products they create.

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